Results of Feraki Fund - 2022

For the year 2022 three applicants gained the Feraki Fund. The evaluation committee consists of Prof. Dr. A. Hochkirch (Trier University), Prof. Dr. V. Kati (University of Ioannina), and Mr. L. Willemse (Naturalis). The decision was made on 11/2/2022.

1. Apostolos Stefanidis (Greece): Project: EOME - Ecology of endemic and endangered Orthoptera species of Μοuntainous Ecosystems in central Greece.

2. Konstantina Nasiou (Greece): Project: MODI-Mountainous orthoptera diversity in North Pindus National Park (Greece): the role of grazing.

3. Karmela Adžić (Croatia). Project: OPIS—Orthoptera of Palagruža Island.

All the best to the young entomologists to successfully accomplish their challenging projects!


The Feraki Fund Committee