INTERNATIONAL BIOGEOGRAPHY SOCIETY - Early career conference - Amsterdam, April 17-19

The International Biogeography Society will be holding a special Early Career Conference in Amsterdam!

Important dates:

Registration is OPEN
Abstract Submission deadline:  January 1, 2020
Early Registration deadline:  January 15, 2020
Conference Dates:  April 17-19th, 2020

Schedule Overview:

April 17, 2020:  Plenaries, Oral and poster presentations, 2 evening workshops
April 18, 2020:  Plenaries, Oral and poster presentations, 2 evening workshops, conference dinner
April 19, 2020:  Optional excursion to Oostvaarderplassen

Plenary Speakers

Rob Whittaker – Recent advances in the biogeography and macroecology of islands

Sandra Nogue – Applying a long-term perspective to assess biodiversity through time and space

Mark Bush – Recent advances in understanding pre Columbian impacts on South American ecosystems

Felisa Smith – The past as prologue: integrating historic perspectives into conservation

Kathy Willis – Recent advances in the use of spatial and temporal biogeographical techniques to assess resilient ecosystems

Dov Sax – Advances in the application of niche concept to forecast risks from climate change and evaluate controversial conservation strategies

Uma Ramakrishnan – Biogeography and evolutionary origins of Indian birds and mammals

Miguel Matias – Food-web responses to climate change across biogeographical gradients


Scientific Writing Workshop – led by Robert Whittaker

The wonderful world of Github – led by Suzette Flantua

How to make a video of your research – led by Julia Heinen

Making your CV stand out – led by William Gosling

The conference will provide excellent opportunities to network, take workshops, see plenaries, present your research and visit the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve.